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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 26, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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it's done and ready for traffic. >> reporter: weather looks fine. >> that's one of the reasons labor day is so important, historically, the weather has been good to us. >> movement around the region in past closures has been slower than usual, but it has not come to a stand still. most trips are going to take a little longer, but i do not anticipate gridlock. >> for special events, such as the pride event in oakland, folks that would be going to those events will go regardless. >> reporter: coming at 6:00, i have news of yet another cracked bolt and how worried you should, or shouldn't be about that. >> has created a survival guide to help you get around the bay area bridge closure this weekend. look for information about
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public transit, and detour routes. >> if you're planning on hitting the road over the labor day weekend, you're sure to have lots of company. a live look at interstate 80 in emeryville. 3.9million californians are prepare today take a road trip for the holiday. that's a 6% jump over the last year. labor day air traffic is also expected to go up about 4% in california. nationally up about 4% over last year. now to the massive out of control wildfire near yosemite. governor jerry brown is thanking the thousands of firefighters battling the wildfire, which is one of the largest in california history. >> we've got a good team here. they're doing everything they can to fight the fire and fight it safely. >> tonight, we're following fire crews, as they are making some progress in that fire
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fire fight. >> we'll give you a live look at the wildfire from a helicopter in the area. you see a huge plume of white smoke billowing. we've been monitoring this picture in our newsroom for the past 40 minutes or so. it looks exactly like this. we have sent robert honda there in sonora. >> reporter: we are at the sierra bible college, or church in sierra. in about an in -- an hour and a half, they will be briefing the community on the fire. you can see the smoke just over the hills. you can hear the governor arrived in the fire area today. we've been talking to residents, and evacuees about what's been happening, they're encouraged, because they have
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been hearing the governor. it's pretty hard for nick to ignore the massive rim fire that is slowly creeping toward his home. but even though frames have burned up around 150,000 acres, he has been keeping an eye on the fire's progress, and doesn't plan to evacuate just yet. >> it's still got a couple more ridges to jump over. >> reporter: did the governor out here reassure you at all? >> yeah, i guess it shows the whole state is doing everything they can to put it out. that's reassuring. >> move all the ash and loose debris onto the water, and the water gets contaminated, that's bad. whatever the firefighters can do to prevent that, we're doing. >> reporter: reassurance seemed to be one of the goals.
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the governor got an update, and expressed that faction and confidence in the fire fighting operation. the governor's vote of confidence for firefighters was applauded by some of the people who have evacuated their homes, and are now staying at the sonora county fair grounds. but they also point out, it doesn't change the huge challenge in trying to slow down the fire. >> we know what they're trying to do. what are you going to say? they're doing a great job up there. but up to this wind and stuff like that to help out. >> are you encouraged by what you see? >> no. >> reporter: well, we'll see if fire officials want to encourage the people who show up for this evening's community meeting. how evacuees are coping. live in sonora, robert honda, ktvu, channel 2 news. president obama has spoken to governor brown about the response to the rim fire.
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the president called him yesterday and the white house gave an overview of the call, saying the president expressed his gratitude for the brave men and women working tirelessly to combat this fire. and the president provided his equipment to needed resources to support the ongoing state and local response. san francisco water authorities are filling water reserves as the fire goes closer to the hetch hetchy reservoir. officials say they currently have a reserve water supply that will last for the next several months. san jose's family camp at yosemite is ending the season more than a month early because of the wildfire. also currently, no running water at the camp. more than 100 people were evacuated from that city run
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camp last monday. it was originally ended to schedule its season in the beginning of october. coming up, we'll talk with families who have made coming to the sight a yearly tradition, and they will us how they plan to honor that fire ravaged campsite. today is the first day of school in oakland, and there are some rattled nerves after a shooting involving two girls. that shooting is effecting effecting some of the school staff. >> reporter: today we came here, where the principal was dealing with this, on a more personal level. the banners here at esperanza elementary are the sign of the first day of school for the oakland unified school district. yesterday, two girls, ages 8
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and 11 along with their mother were grazed by bullets intended for a 17-year-old. a neighbor tells us the woman is pregnant. we're told the women and young girls were visiting a home when they got caught in the crossfire. it's these types of situations, the superintendent has to deal with. >> many of them are dealing with things that other children don't have to deal with in other places. we try to make school as safe, and supportive as we can. >> reporter: he says one of his faculty members is relate to one of the people injured yesterday. >> it's a very safe environment. it's a very caring environment. but unfortunately, on the streets outside of our school, that's not always the case. >> reporter: we spoke to one woman, who is moving after 0 years in this neighborhood. afraid to go on camera, all she
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could say was it's time to leave. oakland police would not comment on camera today about the shooting. they've made no arrests. reporting live in oakland tonight, jade hernandez, ktvu, channel 2 news. several other children have died from gun violence in oakland. on august 7, one shot through the windo, where 1-year-old drew jackson was sleeping. he and his father were killed. last month, someone shot aliasa kerridine. if your child walks to school, you should identify safe houses in the neighborhood, so your children know where to go in case of an emergency. when your children are at
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school, teach them to solve arguments without fighting. >> after school police say that children should check in with an adult as soon as they get home. also, find a trusted neighbor who will allow your children to come home in case of an emergency. police in palo alto are preparing themselves for an increase in gun violence. the annual spike in violence that officers have come to expect. >> reporter: east palo alto has its share of crime. he wants to be proactive, and ahead of the game. so far this year, eight people have died on the streets of east palo alto, that's one more than all of last year. non-fatal shootings are up 20%. crime got so bad, the chief
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ordered a crime emergency, where officers days off were canceled. the chief says that tactic worked. in the months since, there's only been 7 shootings, 2 of them were fatal. the chief will have more officers working the gang task force, and drug enforcement. >> i don't think there's any reason why the city can't enjoy a 4th quarter without a murder. we've had too much violence in the community this year. >> operation 4th quarter will also have more cease-fires. the official start will be this saturday. coming up, i'll talk to people in the community about this operation, and have more on it. live in east palo alto, paul chambers. a bank in oakland's
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montclair district was robbed today for the third time in a month. it happened at bank of the west on mountain boulevard. police say a masked gunman jumped over-the-counter and robs two tellers. no one was hurt. the suspect was seen running out toward a trail. the same bank was also robbed on july 26, and august 1. the marin wildfire has ravished a cherished tradition. we got a look at the camp ground damped by the city. >> hopefully, they can make it the same. >> the special tribute they're planning for tonight. justice handed down for a child molester, who used to be a revered child psychologist. the tearful pleas his victims
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made today for a steep sentence. >> the new fight for every child to get a good lunch.
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back to school now. a bay area lawmaker has launched a new push for equal access to federal meal programs in the oakland unified school district. brian flores explains why she thinks the federal government needs to do away with a one sized fits all approach to feeding students. >> reporter: school officials call it food insecurity. in alameda county, about 200,000 students have it. >> what's worse, over 40%, competed nutrition program's low income threshold, and cannot qualify. >> reporter: the federal decide
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for a family of four to qualify is just over $42,000. state and school officials say the cost of living is much higher in the bay area and the state, so the call is for congress to take a more regional look at the cost of living for families. >> we know full well, it is less expensive to provide that same meal, say in the state of florida, or the state of alabama, than it is in california. >> reporter: the assembly member is introducing a legislation, says that at the federal level, congress needs to look at free, and reduced meal programs. she says a one sized fits all formula just doesn't work. >> we have many, where that do not qualify, and yet, their income is not adequate to supply for their families, or their needs. >> reporter: another problem is
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the reimbursement from the government. >> i feel like we don't get enough school lunches because they only give us a little bit of things. and the food is not hot when they give it to us. children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are more than 20% to have traits of autism than with students without the disorder. the research points to the possibility that adhd and autism share some genetic link. the findings appear in the journal pediatric. a judge in new mexico has ordered a third county to begin
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issuing same-sex marriage license. this comes after a clerk in another county decided on his own last week to recognize the unions. also, today, a fourth county has begun printing same-sex marriage licenses, in case it receives a similar court ruling. a group of republican lawmakers is planning to file a lawsuit, to try to stop clerks from issuing those licenses. you may want to think twice about who you friend on facebook, because it could ruin your credit score. some financial lending companies are using your social connections to judge your so- called credit worthiness. if you're friends with someone who is delinquent paying back the loan it could look poorly on you. the people who are trustworthy, tend to socialize with others who are trustworthy as well. facebook shares have climbed
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56%, since the most recent quarterly results. our chief meteorologist is off tonight, rosemary filling in this evening. a nice day to go back to work. a beautiful day outside there. >> it was gorgeous. all in all, it's just a good looking day. just a few patches of fog along the coastline, right around half moon bay at this hour. temperatures holding in the 60s along the coastline. widespread 70s around the bay. let take a look at those numbers. 65 right now in san francisco. 72 redwood city. low 80s for the afternoon. 81 walnut creek. 83 in santa rosa. these numbers slightly below the seasonal average for this time of year. but nothing to complain about, it's just been really nice. giving you a look at the low clouds santa cruz still mostly sunny for you. as we head to the north, areas around port reyes seeing the clouds as well.
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i do think they're going to come back inland, as we move into the evening hours am to morning, but i don't think they're going to be as widespread. we do remain in a very comfortable pattern. we have a low parked right off the coastline that really isn't going to budge a whole lot. but this ridge to the east is going to pull our way just a little bit. that's going to bring us a gradual warming trend as we get into the week ahead. i want to specify, it's for the business week. in the extended forecast, i'm going to show you a bit of a cool down in time for your weekend. 70s around the bay. 80s inland. we'll be warming into the upper 80s, for some of the warmer spots by tomorrow, eventually, we'll get into the lower 90s. areas of fall, perhaps a little bit of patchy drizzle at the coast. 56 in oakland, 54 in san mateo. for the afternoon, mostly sunny skies, away from the coast. i think the coast will actually get some sunshine as well, a lot like what we saw today.
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68 for san francisco, in the afternoon, 74 for oakland. low 80s, san rafael. these numbers are up a few degrees from with a we had today. 80degrees for san jose. who will be the warmest? morgan hill, 89 for you. 89 in antioch. 89degrees in livermore, as well as fairfield. in the extended forecast here, the jump tomorrow anywhere from 3 to 6 degrees. it may be a little noticeable in some areas. along the coastline, you may not notice it as much. wednesday and thursday, just a slight warm up. as we get into friday, a little change involved there. but here is a look at your weekend. upper 80s by saturday. mid-80s on sunday. along the bay, we're talking 70s. low to mid-70s along the bay. low to mid-60s along the coastline. tomorrow morning, i don't think we're going to have the clouds as far inland.
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thank you, rosemary. >> it's time to hold siri accountable. that's the word from top u.s. diplomats, as they investigate claims of chemical attacks. >> by any accounts, it is indiscriminal. >> the more they're truant, the more they're missing. >> why so many students are missing school. plus. >> this yellow box could save your life. how one bay area city is significantly improving public safety. >> these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00.
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in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area. learn how at secretary of state, john kerry said today, president obama is determined to hold syria accountable for the use of chemical weapons in the fight against civilians. >> a moral obscenity. by any standard, it is inexcusable, and despite the excuses, and equivocations that some have manufactured, it is undeniable. >> united nations inspectors returned to their hotels in damascus.
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they took blood samples and interviewed victims. they also say, unidentified snipers deliberately fired on them, but no one was injured. in the meantime, pressure is building here in the united states for the obama administration to act. >> if the united states stands byk and doesn't take very serious action, not just launching some cruise missiles, then, again, our contribute in the world is diminished, even more, if there's any left. >> president obama said last year, the use of chemical weapons would cross a quote, red line, but did not say what the consequences would be. the united nations says more than a until children are among the refugees who have fled syria into other countries. 3/4 of the children are under the age of 11. their lives and education have been disrupted, and they're
5:26 pm
very concerned that the children could become a lost generation. for the first time, we're hearing from the little girl who's double lung transplant changed federal transplant laws. sara suffers from cystic fibrosis. she received the double transplant after a land mark ruling, that allows children under the age of 12 to be a priority on adult lung transplant lists. now she is breathing without the help of a machine. >> do you feel like you're a tough little girl? >> yes, very. >> doctors say sara could be released from the hospital as early as tomorrow. the price just went up on the warriors new arena by $40 million. >> the price of winning over the team has gone up in san francisco. what we learned today about new cost estimates for a new arena in the city. >> a neighborhood on alert.
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>> a vigil for a city owned camp burned by the rim fire. >> a neighborhood on alert. the unusual excuse burglars are using to get inside people's homes.
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the golden state warriors plan for a new arena on the san francisco waterfront is not yet approved, but the cost is already rising. ktvu news has obtained a document that shows the rehab of the waterfront piers that are the foundation of the warriors arena project is causing costs to go beyond the initial estimates. ktvu's david stevenson, live in the city now with details on what's causing the cost to soar, and how it may impact the timetable of the warriors move. >> reporter: frank that's right, the costs appear to be growing amid a tight deadline to bring the team to the city here. the golden state warriors plan to pack their bags for san francisco in time for the 2017- 2018 season. but as with any move, there are sometimes surprising costs. >> one thing is for sure, it's going to cost a lot of money. >> reporter: they plan to pay
5:31 pm
for a a waterfront arena. but even before the project has been approved, the costs are soaring. ktvu obtained a memo of a july  25 meeting. it estimates the cost of rebuilding the piers has ballooned from $120 million, to $130 million, to $170 million. >> every penny over $120 million is a direct subsidy for the warriors. i'm not going to speculate on how far it's going to go above $120 million. >> the move comes from opposition of those saying the project is being rushed, a understand that a hotel is a bad fit here. >> why not just tear down the pier, and let it be open space, enjoyable for everybody? >> reporter: the team says it's the city's best chance to finally refurbish the eyesore, but they're watching the clock to see if the team can still
5:32 pm
leave oakland in 2017. >> two five year options to extend. we're still on target for 2017, but it's going to be tight. >> reporter: the next big hurdle, an environmental impact review, scheduled to get underway later this year. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> in may of last year, the warriors announced the plan to move the team back across the bay. the owners have been for formulating plans to move the team, almost as soon as they bought the warriors in 2010. the first move back in 1962, they played in san francisco, until 1971, under the name san francisco warriors. they say that the seam's fan base is about equally split between the east bay, san francisco and peninsula. residents are being warned about a burglary scam that
5:33 pm
involves a woman tricking people into thinking snakes maybe in or around their home. investigators say a person said that a woman came to her door and told her that a poisonous snake was loose in the neighborhood. the woman said it had bit a girl. when the neighbor realized that the story was a scam and her house had been burglarized, while she was distracted. >> there's a small percent of the population, desperate enough to make a buck by breaking the law. it's unfortunate. back now to that out of control wildfire burning on the western edge of yosemite national park. the rim fire has burned 150,000 acres. cal fire says it's still only about 15% contained. so far, 23 structures have been destroyed. an estimated 4500 homes, and
5:34 pm
1,000 outbuildings are said to be threatened. ktvu's ken pritchett is live in berkely, and tells us about one casualty. it's a blase where generations of families spent their summers. >> reporter: frank, at about 8:00, people are expect today gather here at civic center park, to remember camp tualame. a stone fireplace. this is not a place deep in the woods most would recognize, but they do. gathered in this berkely home are several families that have gone together to the camp. >> it's just kind of disbelief,
5:35 pm
and shock, and just incredible sense of loss for everybody. >> reporter: she and her three sons have been going for the past nine years. >> it just kind of feels like, like my second home, kind of. >> reporter: they describe the camp as a safe place. some in this room were just there. when sam coats left there tuesday, he thought the camp, so much a part of his summers would be spared. >> now i'm not going to be able to do that for a while. >> it just feels kind of fake. and not really, but unfortunately it did. >> reporter: i talked to the deputy, city manager of berkely a short time ago. the city owns this camp, but he
5:36 pm
says it's unclear at this point, if the camp will be rebuilt. as for the vigils. it's unclear how many people will be here, but we'll have a crew and the story for you on the 10:00 news. cal fire says based on the size and the scope of the rim fire, it now ranks as one of the 20 largest fires in california history. the wildfire is currently the 13th largest, but it could move to the top 10. the cedar fire ranks as the worst in our history. hundreds of people are still evacuated tonight, waiting word on whether the rim fire has destroyed their homes. coming up at 6:00, we'll speak to people who had to flee the fire. he was revered for helping children, many of whom were victims of sexual abuse. tonight, he is a registered sex
5:37 pm
offender, the tearful plea his victims made in court today. >> and bonuses for caring for veterans, the questionable payments a federal investigation has uncovered.
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police in spokane, washington, today arrested a
5:40 pm
second 16-year-old in the beating death of a world war ii veteran. he and demitras glen are accused of murdering delbert benton. prosecutors say they will be tried as adults. >> i would like to make it very clear. the motive for this attack was robbery. race was not a factor. additionally, there was no gang activity that was associated with this incident. >> belten was found in his car, wednesday night outside spokane's eagle's lodge, badly beaten, his wallet was missing. police say the attackers chose him at random. doctors and dentists caring for u.s. war veterans are getting big bonuses. in 2011, the government handed out $150 million in bonuses to
5:41 pm
8 of the 10 healthcare providers working in va medical centers. auditors later investigated bonuses in four of those centers. the bonus is supposed to be performance based, but investigators say the va cannot justify the money. >> without establishing a clear link between the provider's performance, and pay, it really involves into more of an entitlement. >> a doctor whose license had expired was awarded a bonus of nearly $8,000. when it comes to investment and university research, the united states has catching up to do. a list of companies that invested innovation into research and found the u.s.
5:42 pm
ranked 14th. south korea ranked first. singapore ranked second, bringing in an average of $84,500 per scholar. the u.s. was far down on that list. industry here contributes $25,800 each year to academic researchers. a new future for one of the bay area's universities. >> a standing ovation for a soldier who did not back down during one of the bloodiest battles of the afghanistan war. the words the president had for this bay area soldier as he was awarded the medal of honor. >> a cool down for the weekend. i'll have a look at those numbers coming up. unbelievable.
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a play structure at an oakland elementary school was hit by vandals and destroyed. it was a school where an 8-year- old was supposed to start third grade. we learned shortly after she was killed on july 17, the vandals burned down the school's playground structure. the principal said the new structure hasn't been delivered yet because of an issue with parks. >> they're children. what are they supposed to play with? it's just pretty sad they would do that, and what somebody gets out of that, i couldn't even imagine. >> the parents are trying to get balls and jump rope to keep
5:46 pm
the students busy until the new play structure is installed. they got a local market to donate $100 for new equipment for the children. for his victims, today was a long time coming. william ayres was sentenced to 8 years in prison for molesting his young patients. ann reuben was in redwood city for that sentencing. tells us what the victims told the court. >> reporter: today the victims got to speak about the pain ayers caused them, and about the justice, they say simply took too long. today's sentencing coming after ayers, and 81-year-old former child psychologist needed no contest. ayers was charged with eight counts of lewd and luciferous acts against a child aging 8 to 14. one of the victims explained on
5:47 pm
video, how he believed the genital touching was truly part of his exam and first, and was later too ashamed to tell his parents. saying, i don't wish you to pity me, but i wish i didn't have the baggage this sex criminal laid on me. >> i think this was retraumatizing on early level. >> hard to say after seven years, it's hard to speak of the relief we feel that it's now completed, and finally, he will be on his bay to state prison. and a real prison. nothing, no jail, no work program, anything, he will be going to prison where he longs for the harm he caused over the decades. >> reporter: ayers family spoke on his behalf, saying this makes no sense, given the man
5:48 pm
they know. ayers will have to pay a fine and register as a sex offender. stinson beach is back open. a shark has not been seen since last monday. it's possible the sharks were attracted to the area by the carcass of a young fin while that had died on the beach. our chief meteorologist is off. rosemary filling in. can't ask for more than today. it was beautiful. >> for the final week of august, temperatures right about where it should be. warm for our inland communities, mild along the bay. even along the coast, we're seeing a little more sunshine this afternoon. i think tomorrow, we'll see sunny skies as well. 84 in santa rosa. 82 in concord. 78 redwood city. mid-60s in san francisco. low 60s in pacifica.
5:49 pm
again, we had sunshine, in and around santa cruz. pacifica, and half moon bay, low clouds and fog hugging the coastline. as we get into the evening hours, our temperatures will begin to cool just a bit. 60 along the coastline, right about 7:00. mid- to upper 60s around the bay. sun sets about 7:50. so we are beginning to lose some of our daylight hours, as we get a little closer to fall, as we get into the evening hours, upper 50s, expected along the coat e.coastline. upper 60s expected inland. for the pattern that we will hold onto into the week ahead. a ridge of high pressure coming our way just a little bit. we do remain with the trough off the coastline, that will continue the patchy fog on the coastline. the onshore breeze in the afternoons, and that will keep us rather comfortable as we get into tuesday. a partly cloudy start for tomorrow. not as much cloud cover, moving inland. not going to be as widespread.
5:50 pm
the drizzle shouldn't be quite as thick. for the afternoon, inland areas, mid- to upper 80s in the forecast tomorrow. 60s along the coast. we're going to keep the temperatures up a few degrees over what we had this afternoon. a look at the forecast. a new patchy clouds along the coastline. nothing like what we saw this morning. for tomorrow, we get going in the 50s, once again, with partly cloudy skies. 58 in concord. 54 san francisco. low 50s for santa rosa, and low to mid-50s along the coastline. for the afternoon, 80s. 83 for novato. 70 sausalito. off to the east bay, 70s along the shore line. 87 for walnut creek. into the south bay, 80 for san jose. 80 for cupertino. 73 san bruno. 68degrees expected for san
5:51 pm
francisco. the extended forecast, temperatures creeping up just a bit. wednesday, thursday, holding steady. as you take a look at the weekend. temperatures do come down just a bit, mid-80s in the forecast for sunday. the nation's highest military honor for a bay area soldier who kept his cool in the face of one of afghanistan's fiercest fire fights. >> back now to julie in the newsroom with what we're working on for 6:00. >> missing class, before you even have the time too read. plus, a boat sailed over the weekend for a testing for the new bay bridge. don't be alarmed. the reason commuters are told not to worry.
5:52 pm
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5:54 pm
a second murder trial is about to get underway for amanda knox. but she has no plans to attend. italy's supreme court decided to try the case. in las vegas, flash floods are keeping rescue crews busy.
5:55 pm
tropical storm iva dumped rain across the area yesterday. authorities say there were no reports of injuries, and the flood warning was called off last night. a less severe flood watch remains in effect until 8:00 tonight. this is is video of a flash flood racing across the mojave desert. the woman who shot the video yesterday says the water was so powerful, it literally ripped out telephone lines and power poles. tonight, there are reports that a 77-year-old woman was killed when her car was swept in the water. the situation could get even worse. the national weather service is forecasting thunderstorms for the rest of the week. the school year is
5:56 pm
beginning with a special reunion this work. erica bradock has been recuperating since the attack. this week, she returned to her job as a preschool teacher in davenport, maryland. tomorrow is expected to be a day of mixed emotions for sandy hook elementary students returning to school in new haven, connecticut. students are going to class at a new location for the time being. uc berkely's new chancellor held his first news conference today. >> we try not to just keep things going, but constantly to innovate. coninstantly to come up with new programs. >> the chancellor was formally
5:57 pm
the dean of arts and sciences at columbia university. he says he wants to help the campus community imagine new futures for the university. has a new section to help you and your kids head back to school. you'll find more information about the first day of school, and deals on school supplies. president obama awarded the medal of honor to a soldier from antioch. he was chosen to receive the military's highest honor, for what he did during battle in afghanistan. ♪ [ music ] at the white house today, army staff sergeant ty carter took his place by the president. >> give thanks to the memory of the men who fought with him that day. >> reporter: the president cited his bravery. this is video taken by afghan insurgents of that battle. he risked his own life to save
5:58 pm
an injured soldier. 8 soldiers died. 22 were wounded. president obama spoke directly to his family and children in the audience. >> if you want to know what an american hero looks like, you don't have to look too far. you just have to look at your dad. >> reporter: afterwards, staff sergeant carter talked about his struggle with post traumatic stress disorder. >> only those closest to me can see the scars that come from seeing good men take their last breath. >> reporter: and what he calls the invisible wounds of war. >> we are resilient, and will emerge stronger overtime. >> reporter: they don't usually send them back into harm's way. staff sergeant carter wants to continue his service in wounded warrior units, sharing his struggles with ptsd.
5:59 pm
now at 6:00, one of those bolts being tested for safety has broken. how it adds up to good news when it comes to the safety of the new bridge. >> when you think of truants, you probably think of high school or middle school students. think again. >> new at 6:00, this small yellow box. it can be the difference life and death. >> they should be like fire extinguishers, they should be everywhere. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. this is the countdown clock showing how much time is left, before the entire bay bridge is shut down. just over two days and two
6:00 pm
hours to go. caltran says the entire bridge needs to be closed about five days before the new span can open. >> the bridge will shut down wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. in both directions and will be out of service during the entire holiday weekend. the bridge is scheduled to reopen on tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. we've been told, if all goes well, it could actually open earlier, some time on monday. a bolt that was tested over the weekend, failed under pressure. but engineers say that's good news. >> reporter: the bridge opening ceremony dignitaries usin


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